A history of real estates development


Eurotekna Group was founded by Prof. Livio Cosenza in 1967 to operate in the field of real estate investments, building and infrastructural constructions.

Eurotekna Group worked with international and by public companies as partner recognizing outstanding business skills and holder of advanced technologies in different engineering and development areas.

Since 1990 Eurotekna Group has been working in partnership with German and Swiss companies in the field of environmental recovery, the sector that supports the company’s original business in large infrastructures. At the turn of the millennium, Eurotekna Group expands its expertise in real estate investments and developments, including real estate advisory, asset, project and agency management, addressing to national and international investors, with which it intertwines and consolidates important relationships and equity partnerships that lead to conclude the different type of investments.

To open to the international market and gain better visibility, in 1999 Eurotekna Group opens the Milan branch managed by Eddy Cosenza as CEO of Eurotekna SPA which was a Real Estate investor, asset and project management company. It creates value in that real estate market by approaching the investment opportunities with alternative structures, such as default asset restructuring, preferred equity, earn-out and other solutions, investing in underperforming well-located assets with significant value increasing capabilities and setting up JV’s with investors.

In 2022 Eurotekna evolved into Maston Investment Management